Jazzercise Success Stories

Phenomenal Jazzercise Women

We have some amazing women in Jazzercise! And this section of the website is going to highlight success stories from these fit ane healthy women. These women have lost weight and continued exercising to help with weight management. Fat loss and weight control are key! One of the most common questions I get from women wanting to exercise with us is "I'm so out of shape and overweight ... will I be able to do this and lose weight?" Or they might say "I'm just not coordinated... I don't want to look silly!" So put those fears aside, read on, and be encouraged...

More great weight loss and fitness testimonials from our female customers...

  • Everyone is so enthusiastic! Also, you're known by name and that's really cool. The instructors are well trained and continually let you know what body parts are being worked and why proper technique is important!
  • I love their locations, one is close to work and the other is close to home makes it very easy to stick with it!
  • A fun way to get motivated to exercise, routines aren't overly complex which I really like.
  • Love the workout and it's a friendly place.
  • I love the energy and enthusiasm by the instructors. This motivates everyone to get going and work hard for the full hour!
  • The camaraderie - the ladies are wonderful and supportive - you just feel like you belong to something really special.
  • The instructors and the other members are great. It is so uplifting and fun that I have a hard time missing a class without feeling like I have let them down. I love Jazzercise!
  • It feels like a community with a common purpose; Health. Mind. Body. Soul.
  • I like the instructors and the groups of ladies who come...I always feel welcome, and I almost always feel like I worked hard.
  • I like the way I am treated when I am at Jazzercise. The instructors remember my name and make me feel like they are glad I am there. I love the positive attitudes and overall climate of the people that teach and attend. I am always encouraged and supported here.
  • I love the friendly, supportive environment... and all the GREAT routines & music!
  • I like the friendliness of staff and participants - dancing while working out - telling us how to adjust routines to fit individual needs (sore knees, hips, feet, etc.) - additional fun opportunities/activities (parties, etc.) It's like a very caring community/family with understanding instructors. We may look like we are working hard (had a bad day - don't feel so good - almost didn't come) when we leave we are smiling - thank you!
  • I like the diversity of the instructors. Each one has different music and styles which keeps things interesting.
  • I love the music, the routines, and the instructors are a great group of women. I love that there is such a variety of age & sizes. I feel totally comfortable coming to class by myself. I wish I would have found jazzercise 30 years ago....I absolutely love it!
  • I love the interaction of all the students and instructors - sense of community. The routines, music and actual workout is a close second - I love the way Jazzercise makes me feel afterwards.